Artist Statement

Art is a journey of discovery.  It teaches you to see the wonder of creation. You don’t really see the beauty until you try to paint it.  I try to paint every day. The discipline gives me something in life I can control. I can paint the sky any way I want, and change it anytime.

I’ve always loved making art. My father gave me a set oil paints when I was 9 and I have been painting off and on ever since. My current project is painting animals in their environments. I do this in a stylized way, bringing elements of design and composition to the work.  

I make art because I am compelled to communicate, to improve my technical ability and connect with people. Sometimes I wake in the morning and know what I am going to paint, inspired by something I’ve seen in a dream or an idea that suddenly appears. Sometimes I just have paint left over and I apply it to the canvas in a random geometric way. Other times I draw a geometric pattern and fill it in with color. The whole idea is just to mix color and apply it to a flat surface to bring emotion, depth and meaning. It is a labor of love, and often a struggle, but the results can be astounding when it people connect with it.

Art brings a balance to my life. I revel in the sense of timelessness when I am applying paint. Here my sense of self drops away and although the brush is in my hand, I am not the one painting. These are the best moments.